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  1. Any other car other than the RS and I'd consider but not on this. Anyway had an email today cancelling my order cause they're out of stock at suppliers and even Michelin have no stock until mid march for ffs. Spent all afternoon ringing round and none to be had anywhere Last chance was my dealer who had 4 available so got one sharpish and having it fitted on Saturday but cost an extra £40 I will definitely be looking at and pre buying other brands ready for these wearing out and store them in the garage. Probably go to conti sports 5 or 6 like I had on the ST. I knew there was a reason I didn't buy French!!!!
  2. TPMS lit up yesterday, I'd only checked pressures on Saturday and they were fine. Couldn't check the pressures until today to find that nearside front was reading 25psi (should be 41). Got the wheel off and found this on the inner edge and the tyres only done 2500 miles, aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Shopped around and got one ordered including fitting for £176 but can't get it done until Saturday now.
  3. Welcome back from the dark side Dan. Wasn't your vw a company car? If the focus mountune is the same as my fiesta was hardware is basically a different air box and a k&n filter. It's the software in the ecu that does the magic Check mountune website for exactly what it includes. You should be able to check with them as well just give them a call with the reg or vin number and they will be able to confirm it's genuine
  4. Life and work are generally pretty boring and routine what you have to do is brighten it up with periods of enjoyment in whatever form that takes. cars and beer are a good start [emoji593][emoji481]
  5. I'm sure you'll love the ST. Remember I'm an old git and you're still young with plenty of time to get to your dreams
  6. The rules are that if you are covered to drive other vehicles on your own insurance the other vehicle must be insured taxed mot'd by the owner as well
  7. As said unprofessional to have the cable down the tiles as it will rub on them in the wind he should have clipped it to the tiles to secure it
  8. Stoneacre are in donny if you're after a main dealer
  9. Conti sport 5 is the best tyre I had on my ST. Falken are budget tyres. Don't forget that these are all that keep you on the road so never scrimp with them
  10. Thanks Alex that's what I was starting to think after searching the internet. I did find these but not the colour I want Looks like I'll just have to stick with the originals
  11. Done a bit of searching and found this picture of the footwell light. Any help identifying what sort of fitting would be appreciated
  12. One little mod completed today. Swapped the OEM H1 cornering bulbs which looked really yellow next to the xenon's for a pair of Phillips Crystal Vision bulbs that I got off eBay for £5.50. They are much whiter and more like the headlights. Also bought some ice blue LED's for the foot wells but I got 501's only to find they're LED's with a strange looking connector on them. Sorry I forgot to take a photo but if any of you know what the fitting is and whether it's possible to buy replacements I'd be grateful.
  13. My Ford dealer charges £70 an hour and I have heard the upgrade cost is £90
  14. That's good for the RS. I paid £330 for mine but I only have 5 years ncb thanks to having a company car and having to start again. Lucky I'm an old git haha.
  15. I'm goo thanks. What Audi have you got? I hope you're going to say an RS3 at least