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  1. ST3 cost more because all the extras are fitted as standard so casts more to repair or replace if your in an accident
  2. Looking good dan very neat wrapping the inlet pipe
  3. You've been a busy boy Dan
  4. I went to the Easter meeting recently and thought I would post a couple of videos that I have put together showing some of the cars that were there. This event tales place twice a year, they sell breakfast baps and drinks in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance it is organised by Specialist Cars of Malton who stock some fantastic motors, mainly Porsche and Ferrari but also others including the Citreon DS that is pictured in the second video. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Just put some part worns on as long as they are legal Ford can't argue
  6. When I started driving I can remember going to the petrol station and a man filled up for you never had to get out of the car I used to say " £5 or fill it up which ever comes first" must have been 50p a gallon back then
  7. Sticky plates on is fine best to use 3m tape which you can get on a roll if you get the plate level it should never move
  8. This one was excellent great weather and more cars than I've ever seen here before when I left there was a half mile queue to get in
  9. Can you grip the heads with a pair of pliers and turn as you gently pull? Otherwise you could cut the heads off the screws the plate will protect your paint then use the pliers on the screw shaft When you put the new ones on use the adhesive pads so no more screws
  10. Bought a snooper as well It's surprising how much we're being watched talk about big brother
  11. Chris gets really busy once the show season starts. He was at squires last weekend so probably had all his stock there. Message him again maybe on Facebook I'm sure he'll get in touch
  12. It was nice but the ST has gone now replaced in December by this little beauty
  13. Little upgrade courtesy of Paintmodz Before After
  14. Oh and me
  15. Yesterday's was extremely well attended probably due to the superb weather. Squires Ford meet takes place twice a year once in April then in September/October. Just google squires cafe and check the what's on link. I go every time as it's the closest meet to where I live