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  1. They've never been anywhere near cheapest for me My daughter has just changed cars and her insurance won't insure the new car and are charging her £50 to cancel her policy They're all thieving bar stewards in my opinion
  2. Haha good try matey She works for lloyds banking group just got a promotion so she's treat herself. Still lives at home but saving for a deposit as well
  3. I wouldn't de-wiper dan as the back gets covered in crap when it's bad weather
  4. She's 23 but has her fathers young looks [emoji56]and yes she is paying for it all on her own
  5. Welcome back Dan the fiesta is a great car as we both know but the focus just feels more sturdy. I'm sure the power upgrade you've got makes yours a beaST.
  6. My daughter just bought herself a Fiesta ST yesterday not red but the same spirit blue as my old one To say she's chuffed would be an understatement
  7. I've had both this week nice piece of rump and cheese and beans on toast got to keep variety in your life
  8. Rare with no sauce to spoil the taste served with fat chips fried egg tomatoes mmmm
  9. Wash your mouth out [emoji33]
  10. I've got a disclok on mine worth a £100 of anyone's money as they're thatcham approved as well
  11. Am I misreading this or does it not state it still includes roadside assistance? Or is this a lower level of cover than currently
  12. However I am interested in this if anyone has tried to activate it as everything appears to be USA based
  13. Not really hidden Clive the suspension can be firmed up or down independently of the driving modes. The roads around here are so bumpy for the stiffer suspension so I tend to keep it standard.
  14. Upgraded the mirror indicator bulbs to silvertecs and the puddle lights to Cree led not the easiest job but look much better now