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  1. @curtislepore Dude, I'm a huge fan from scotland! I love your band too man! I'm also in a metal band! keep it real brother! #MetalFamily

  2. Well guys I got my car back. It's not ALL fixed but I can do the rest myself. There is a very small leak from the gearbox, and a hole in the exhaust. A few wee mods to update. I popped up to the scrappies in Newbridge and got myself a few interior switches and a new blue oval for the back. I have also dewipered the rear wiper. I was also talking to the local cruising club last week and they've asked me to be one a member :) So I am now an official member of Borders Tuning Scene :D
  3. Thanks Lenny. To be honest mate, I'm quite shaken up. if i had been a foot to the right id have either ended up on my roof or gone sideways through a wall into a field. I'm gutted about my car, but I'm glad I'm here to tell the tale. Will be finding out today how extensive the damage will be. I know im needing a Sump, as its got an inch wide hole in it but not sure what else is messed up...
  4. People of the FOC, I have some bad news. On Friday the 2nd of August, my little fez was involved in an accident. Incident happened 2/8/13 2:25pm on A7 between stow & gala Was driving along the A7 towards galashiels and got to the long straight outside stow. Driving along the road I noticed a small item in the road at the last minute. There was a car coming towards me so I couldn't swerve to miss it. it went under the car and there were a few loud bangs. I noticed the item fly out the back of my car and I pulled into a layby behind a tractor and trailer, and noticed the car had left a trail of oil all the way up the road and the oil was pouring from my car and had sprayed all over the undercarriage. I asked the tractor driver if anything had fallen off his tractor and he said he didn't know. We proceeded to walk up the road until we found the item. It was a valve from his slurry tanker. He admitted fault and admitted the item was his. I then walked with him to the car, and took his details. We then had a look at the damage, and then The driver said "if the damage isn't too expensive I will just pay you straight up to avoid the hassle of going through insurance but if the damage is expensive then I will be happy to go through the insurance." After the driver left the scene, I then called Scottish Borders Council and reported the oil spill. A man from the road works team then came down and proceeded to put sand over the spill. I have photos as evidence of my cars damage and The tractor driver holding the item. Aswell as the tractors No. plate. I am now reduced to having to drive my mothers Vauxhall Zafira :'( Please take potty on me :(
  5. The spoiler is on!! :D
  6. So I got my spoiler on and here's my pictures I said I'd post :)
  7. Wee update :) Grill resprayed, Team Heko Wind Deflectors, Mk5 Zetec S Spoiler. Thanks for all the feedback guys :)
  8. Thanks Daniel, im really proud of myself and the car! One last thing... My spoiler is here!!! :D Anyone got any wee tips for fitting it? Will post photos when it's done :D
  9. Would anyone be interested in an ocean terminal meet soon??
  10. I hope that so far you all like what ive done to the car. its my first build and im very proud of it. theres alot more to come to the car i promise :D im very open to suggestions, and i look forward to hearing your feedback/opinions! :D
  11. Not much has been done recently, Ive just recieved my 'Team HEKO' wind deflectors and im awaiting a Zetec S Spoiler! :D Cant Wait!
  12. The Car Before I Bought it And then after it was lowered... HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Next came the fun part! the grill got sprayed red! finally the car looks amazing haha!
  13. The Lowering looks amazing!! :D it also handles like a go cart! :D so happy with my car :D few wee mods added, ie grill re sprayed black, Red interior light added, and Supreme Brilliance Bulbs.
  14. After the exhaust change, came the lowering... 40mm drop all round!
  15. The Radiator fixed i then set about the exhaust change.