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  1. Yeah that was the problem, thanks for that!
  2. For some reason my car randomly starting acting up. Firstly some of the lights on the dash have stopped working, the ones that don't work are: Indicators, Full beams and the handbrake light will always remain on. When I start my car up all the lights come on normally but stop working after that. Secondly my Central locking is no longer working, even from the inside. I was reading up that it could be an instrument cluster fault, but half of my dash works including all my dials and I didn't read anything about the central locking failing at the same time. Could anyone provide some insight to my car? (Focus 05 MK2 LX 1.6 petrol)
  3. Hi there just got a 1.6 2005 LX model recently, When I bought the car it was missing one the clips to hold up the boot cover, can't really explain it so I'll show a picture instead anyone know where I could get one of these or what is the correct name for it?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Adz_uk :)