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  1. New Fiestas - does your trip reset?

    Thats ok thank you both for your comments hopefully my dealer will sort it.... time will tell out, I am going on holiday first so the trip problem will be the last thing on my mind
  2. New Fiestas - does your trip reset?

    I know exactly how to reset the trip but mine definately doesn't work and hasn't since I took delivery thought the others items do, mpg/speed averages etc
  3. New Fiestas - does your trip reset?

    Hi I have a new Fiesta reg December 2008 and I can confirm that my trip meter does does not reset I will go to my dealer as soon as I have time and get it repaired/ replaced ,it doesn't appear as though I am on my own ................thanks
  4. New Fiesta I collected my New Fiesta last month (1.6tdci Titanium) I have been pleased with it, bar for one thing a couple of days after taking delivery I noticed that the mirror that is normally on the drivers side was fitted on the n/s ie. this was has the convex piece on the end ( helps to prevent blind spots when overtaking) I assumed that as the car was built in Germany being LHD it was fitted on the n/s by mistake I queried this with my dealer who informed me that Ford was aware of this as a number of owners had reported and that didn't feel it was a problem and therefore would't change it I contacted Ford Customer services they informed me that they hadn't had any reports of owners reporting this to them but it would log my complaint I would add that if you look at most modern cars they all have the split ( flat glass /convex on the outer part ) on the drivers side Has anybody else had this with there New Fiesta?