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  1. As you don't seem to be getting an answer let me suggest the (for example) Castrol website. Does that help?
  2. I was wondering how could answer this question without re-writing war and peace and stll convey my meaning. It turns out the answer was to wait for a while and let DJ_Andy_M do it. I suspect the garage is taking the pith. A couple of new tyres? Well that could happen but it probably shouldn't be surprise. Urgent replacement of timing belt? Rated life depends on engine so check when it is due on ETIS. Oil in coolant? Should be able to see that but I suspect it isn't there. Front discs and pads need replacing Most people get a little more than this but it certainly could happen depending on driving style and various other things. Brake/coolant change required. No connection between those items. Coolant change could be necessary if the oil has been leaking but I have my doubts. Find yourself a trustworthy garage.
  3. It is possible that rather than the alternator it is the alternator drive belt that is slipping. This would cause more of a screaming nose on start-up and would typically be worse wet and when on load and at start-up. On the other hand the alternator bearings (or one bearing) might be shot and that would cause a whine/rumble but wouldn't themselves cause a burning smell. When you are looking at the wiring be sure to check for any sign of overheating (eg insulation looking as if it has partly melted away from the wire) as that could also be a clue. Could you only hear it over the radio or was there a mechanical noise as well? If you could hear it over the radio (and you do mean 'through the radio loudspeakers' rather than just 'louder than the radio?) I think it has to be alternator/regulator.
  4. I'm guessing hat you have probably lost an alternator phase and that there is a high AC component to your voltages and your amp is dropping out on the voltage troughs. This would also cause various lights to flicker. A warning though: this can also be caused by poor wring such as poor earthing of the alternator/engine so you'd probably best check that out first.
  5. I should have spotted this before but here is some more info on Winter/All Season type tyres:
  6. Well if you look in your manual some other qualities of oil are allowed for top up. That said 5W/40 is a viscosity and it doesn't really say anything about the quality of the oil so we can't tell how much damage that might do. Probably none at all but you can't tell from this information.
  7. Ok the first thing I'm going to suggest is that the 'sarcasm approach' is not the most likely to work. Maybe it will make you feel better but it won't shift the offending car (usually). If you can say 'I need to go out in a few minutes and if you are still blocking me I'll be forced to contact the Police' or 'you will have to pay damages for me being unable to do the financially important thing that was planning to do' then that might work. (Actually probably the most effective thing you could say would be 'my wife is pregnant and will have to get to maternity suddenly' but you can't really make these things up if you don't have a wife who is close to due.) My belief is that it is illegal here to block access like this but don't really have a reliable source for this idea. Oh and I do have a similar problem but don't get fully blocked I just get forced to do a 'seven point manoeuvre' across what is at times quite a busy road (depending on time of day) to get around it.
  8. Some additional info: the Primacy 3 is Michelin's 'middle of the road' (sorry about the pun) selection, and the trade-off that they have made is that it has a (much) longer wear life than the top sport tyres but at the cost of less grip - wet grip primarily - than the top sport tyres. It sounds as if you would have been happier with something more like a 'sport' tyre, but you have to bare in mind the shorter life part of the equation. The Prim 3 is also a slightly old design which doesn't help either.
  9. Selection of tyres available in the size isn't great, is it, but I note that Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons are available (but expensive....but then so would the Michelin Cross Climates be if they were available). You may want to have a look here: (and even here: for general background.
  10. Well it is their problem. I can't see any issue with phoning them up saying that at least you want a fuse fitting (replacing the missing one) and staying there while they do that. Should only take ten minutes or less. If/when it gets beyond that it is more of a problem. But you might make clear to them if the thing with the fuse doesn't work and if they can't give a promise of acceptable service you'll be taking it to another garage and charging them. The trouble comes if they then make promises and don't fulfil them. Which fuse does what ought to be documented in the owners manual but it is often wrong/confusing.
  11. One of the disadvantages of stop/start Is that It needs special batteries and It stresses those batteries more. The EFB types are more expensive than normal batteries and you don't get such a long warranty which seems lIke the opposite of a bargain but you do save a bit more on fuel although the other way of looking at that Is that the fuel economy of the car may not be as impressive as It first seemed before you knew about the extra battery expense. Anyway assuming that you do need a size 100 EFB job Tayna have a Varta D54 for £90.49 (plus delv?). Fitting batteries isn't exactly difficult but they are heavy but I wouldn't be surprised if you could get a local mechanic to fit one for £10 - 20.
  12. You essentially have two categories of problem: a commercial/legal one, and an actual technical one. As far as the technical one is concerned, I am inclined to think something le Stewby's issue is the one. Maybe to cross over you need to send Ford a letter (the dealer/the Ford company??) saying that their refusal to even look is forcing you to go elsewhere, but is not limiting your intention to hold them liable for any costs incurred. Or, something. There are questions about whether your garage has just been inept (inept off ther own bat, without any 'help' from Ford) or the qualty of the training or support has been inadequate, but your legal recourse - if any - would be with the people who you paid to do the job, ie, your dealer; if they then have an issue with Ford that's up to them to sort out. You'd have thought your history with that dealer might have made them more inclined to see your point of view but not everything that you think ought to be correct is.
  13. You'd need a 2009 or later Sony to have any chance of DAB. Handily the DAB ones say 'DAB' on the fascia, so at least it is easy to tell when you see one. There is also an 'adaptor box' that is quite cheap but the reports I hear are that it is poor and you'll regret it if you really want the DAB (it uses a patch antenna on the front screen and what with the quick clear screen it is unsurprising that this isn't the perfect solution - having said that if you only ever want DAB in high signal strength areas it might not be that bad). As far as I remember there are two different antenna solutions for the Sony DAB. The late one uses two different antennae (patches on the rear three quarter windows) and a diversity unit that switches to the one that has the best signal. The earlier solution (2009 to facelift) uses a separate set of connections to the roof antenna (I think). I'm not sure whether the Sony units for the two different antenna solutions are compatible so you'll have to be wary. For bluetooth there is an an external bluetooth box, but I think some of the early ones aren't as capable as the later ones. I don't think you can do streaming on the early ones although that might just be a software update (or not, of course).
  14. As a possible alternative multimeter consider this from Maplins: what I particularly like about this is that it has a 'rubber bumper' surround which makes it a bit more rugged for 'throwing In the boot'.
  15. Err, it is a sign of water in the brake fluid and not much else. Well apart from old brake fluid probably; it is probably more likely if mess around with it a lot. it does absorb water over time and having absorbed water the boiling point goes down and that isn't what you want.