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  1. Dpf questions

    Well, that's a version of 'removal'. When people remove, they usually mean that the innards are removed but the casing is put back looking as original as possible (for, eg, MoT purposes). However, if the hole through the middle is big enough, then it is like having a hole and the DPF does nothing, and if it isn't it works like a slightly ineffectual DPF.
  2. No. For the radio code there were a couple of 'random' numbers in the original car papers and one of them worked. Otherwise it would have been back to Ford.
  3. I've just done this and what you lose is: - Radio (it retains programmed stations but needs 'key code' to turn on; possibly loses any DSP settings and stuff like speed sens volume if set; need to re-set clock) - Window settings (trivial!) - Lock mode (if a non-default lock mode is set) ...seen your new reply and you'll need it sometime! (BTW I had thought that I had the radio code in one of the veh manuals in the glove box; changed the battery only to find that wasn't true. Should have checked first!)
  4. 2009 fiesta 1.6 titanium starter issue

    Yes, and test it on load, because it might have gone high resistance. Probably the easiest is to get the garage to that for you (you'd expect them to have one of those load testers specifically for that purpose...but the consequence of that might be that you feel under pressure to buy an overpriced battery from them), but you may be looking to do everything yourself. Out of interest, how old is the battery? As old as the car?
  5. 2009 fiesta 1.6 titanium starter issue

    It sounds more like a Battery issue or a wiring issue to me than a Starter Motor issue, per se. I don't know what help you wanted.
  6. New Alloys / making them BIGGER!

    You don't need to do this, you shouldn't try to do this, it is a bad objective for most people. That's more like it. The first thing that you should consider is 'is there another model of the vehicle that have that looks to have the size of wheel that would like?' If, just as an example there is, say, an ST or a titanium that has the right sized wheel 'n tyres then you won't go far wrong with that size of wheels and tyres. Usually these will be lower profile tyres on a bigger rim. They could also be wider. The RR should be close so you shouldn't need to re-cailbrate the speedo but it is worth checking. Think about the cost of the tyres; one thing that doesn't work (for me) is to go so big that you can only afford cheepo Chinese Crap (TM) tyres; you'd be better sticking with a size in which you could afford at least mid-range tyres. You might also want to look online at sites that allow you to compare the sizes of tyres on the vehicle (will it fit). And, respect the ET (unless you really, really, really understand what you are doing and it sounds like you don't) Oh, and the pan dimension (in 'J's...which are the same as inches)!
  7. You seem to be having problems that most people don't have. I 'd guess that there is something different about your situation or car but you don't give much to go on.
  8. Tyres

    While I wouldn't want to advise you to only think about the brand of tyres (the 'big brands' tend to sell different variants with different balances of properties), you shouldn't ignore it either. However, it is difficult to give you worthwhile advice if we don't know what size the existing tyres are and what the exact description of the existing tyres is. For example, telling you that Conti Sport Contact 6s aren't too bad for fuel economy isn't very worthwhile if you can't get SC6s in your size (and you probably can't if you haven't fitted 21 inch or larger rims and you probably haven't done that yet).
  9. Best security

    'Best' will always make this difficult to answer so it is probably 'best' to ignore it. One way - and it is only one way,so it may not be appropriate to think 'job done' when you have this - particularly for cars with keyless functionality, is to use the OBD port to set the car up the way you want it, and given that a practised tea leaf can do this quite quickly, you want something that, at the very least, slows them down so that they are hanging around with the alarm going off, for an appreciable time. Thatcham is essentially a test house, and, if it says 'Thatcham' it will have been tested to some standard. That doesn't quite mean it is the best - some of the standards have different levels or classes, and there can be perfectly good products that haven't been 'Thatchamed' (but you'd have to ask why? Maybe for a non-UK product they didn't realise how people see Thatcham here, for instance. Or, maybe, it is too new. But mostly 'Thatchamed' products will be average or above). Also, if the Tea Leaves come up with an entirely new way of stealing cars - and this has happened - the 'old' Thatcham standard may suddenly become nearly pointless. But it is a good indication, possibly a better indication than anything else. As far as the OBD plug is concerned you probably need something that means the Tea Leaf can't do what they intended (plug in their 'alarm incapacitator' quickly). If it takes them by surprise, then that might add to the effect, but it is likely to add to the effect once they have smashed the window, which isn't ideal. On the other hand, if they can tell what it is from outside, they can prepare for what they'll be confronted with, so you pays your money and you takes your choice. In the end you got to make the Tea Leaf walk past your car and on to something else.
  10. Well, it shouldn't have overheated and that suggests that there is an underlying fault that you haven't cured (unless you have done something to cure it and not said anything about it). That said, maybe if you don't get stuck in bad traffic and maybe if you don't drive it on such a hot day (!) maybe the underlying fault won't make its presence known to you.
  11. Well you could fit a switch as a measure to allow the radio to be used. More seriously while than it is more probable than not that replacing the radio would work it is difficult to be certain.
  12. touring cars

    Particular thanks for not giving away the result because I've recorded but not yet watched it. Anyway good that you enjoyed it...look forward to seeing it.
  13. Assuming this isn't a dealer's problem (which it usually would be if you bought it from the trade)... When you say '-56C' what do you mean; Oil temp water temp or air temp? In any case that's probably a sign that a sensor is not being read. The sensor itself has failed the wiring has failed or the module reading it has failed. The wiring including connectors is probably the easiest so start there. AlsoI'd guess that you might get a reset by disconnect the battery for a while but ensure that you have any radio code first.
  14. Castrol vs Quantum oil

    Does it meet the appropriate Ford standards (there are probably some Quantum oils that do and some that don't)? Neither Ford-branded nor Castrol-branded oils to the -C and -D standards are particularly expensive, particularly if bought in bulk, so there probably isn't a big saving in it (even if my favourite is the Mobil Super 3000FE, which Halfords often have on offer).
  15. Thinking of getting Mondeo

    You are asking about stuff thatI don't have experience of however: The powershift auto seems to be ok if you keep up with the services but many people don't (a bit expensive!) and have problems until they get the oil changed. Ithink there are two HUs with Sat Nav.