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  1. Thank you for that really appreciate it. Paul
  2. Hi Just changed the battery on my 1.6 petrol MK7 and the drivers side window one shot only works on the down stroke, anyone have a solution please. Cheers Paul
  3. Thanks for all the reply guys much appreciated. Cheers Paul
  4. Hi I have just had some respray work done on the boot lid of my mk7 and need new badges (Fiesta & Titanium) to stick back on the car. Has anyone tried using double sided self adhesive sponge tape to re-stick the original badges back on the car and if so what size width have they used? Cheers Paul
  5. Just I thought I would share my recent experience. After viewing a Youtube video to make the seat belt retract quicker if it seems to be sticking, I sprayed some polish on the seat belt loop housing on the pillar and my noise seems to have gone not sure if this a temporary situation but I'll keep everyone informed.
  6. Got these fitted to my MX5, great tyre in the wet, would buy again.
  7. Hi Has anyone used this treatment for noisy tappets at start up? is is any good? I have read positive and negative reviews on the internet but none for a Feista. Cheers Paul
  8. Thanks for the reply Gary, nice to know
  9. Can you get Iridium plugs for a 2009 1.6 petrol and are they worth the extra outlay?
  10. I have the 2009 model and have a really irritating metal rattle coming from the seat belt housing that seems to be a recognised problem.
  11. Thanks for your reply Peter, I'm not sure if I would be able to find these sensors but really appreciate your help. Looks like I will have to buy a Haynes manual. Many thanks Paul
  12. Hope someone can help with my 2009 1.6 petrol titanium 69,0000 miles, my usual car repair garage has told me that the engine management light that keeps coming & going is for an error code "P0017 crankshaft position correlation - bank 1 sensor B" He has told me that I should take it to my local Ford garage to see what exactly the problem is. The car seems to run fine. If anyone can help or advise I would really appreciate it. Many thanks Paul
  13. Thanks for the reply Gary, nice to know it's not just my car.
  14. Hi I have a rattle coming from the seat belt housing which is driving me mad, it sounds like a thin metal on metal rattle. Has anyone had this or can help me with a solution PLEASE. cheers Paul PS 2009 1.6 titanium 5 door
  15. Thanks for the replies guys, nice to know about the gearbox oil. I do have a problem with the Bluetooth connection for playing music (error code, which says can't connect) but if it means taking the dash apart I think I'll leave it be. Cheers Paul