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  1. That's alrite glad I could help
  2. That's good mate
  3. I got a mk5 ford orion
  4. Ok mate
  5. If u get stuck I will help
  6. I took me aged to figure them wires out when I did mine lol
  7. The two wire colours I connected to are yellow and black wire one wire and (white and voilet one wire
  8. I will have to find the picture
  9. I think the wires change colour from door to inside the car mate
  10. If u take ur door card off ur will see two wires that go to the door motor follow them back in to the car and connect the wires
  11. We are lol, I'm at work will have a look later for you
  12. Two wires that went to door motor
  13. Mine didn't have one
  14. My estate had central locking but not a central locking unit, I took the door card off and followed the wiring in to the car and joined the wires in the drivers side kick panel
  15. This was a while ago I and yes I sorted it