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  1. Thanks :) Is good to be back with Ford :)
  2. Hi All, I just thought I say hi again. I've had a mk2 Mondeo ST24 when joined here, then that's got sold in December as I've partX-d it to my wife's X-mas present (A-class) Thank the merc messed up real bad, so decided never ever again :) Since Ford never let me down before, I've picked up a mk1 Focus Estate which I'm so far very happy with. This is my 6th Ford so far and my second Focus :) All the best! Greg
  3. Mondeo Clutch Going???

    ???????????? zetec is the engine...
  4. Hi Everyone

  5. Hi Im New :-)

  6. Friday Car

    same here... had 3 mondeos, a focus and a windstar (us market 7 seater) all of them was fine, never a problem which wasn't due to use
  7. New Member

    Hi and Welcome. Had white 4door too :) nice one
  8. Hi All

    Hi, Welcome :)
  9. Newbie

    Hi, Welcome! For me, still the nicest looking Focus... :) (no offense for the newer ones)
  10. Hello,

    Hi, Welcome :)
  11. Who Love Mustang Boss 302?

    White with blue of course :)
  12. Sos Help Needed Pls!

    Yeah.. and I got my phone back too :) (cause that was locked in too)
  13. Sos Help Needed Pls!

    hoorraaay : Got the keys... Solution: Smashed the rear light... getting another one from a guy who's breaking one. Total cost 20quid... conclusion: never ever put the keys anywhere but my pocket, and getting 2 extra ones... thanks for all the help
  14. Sos Help Needed Pls!

    Well, I'll try some options today, the key is in the boot, so i was thinking maybe breaking the rear light is the cheapest option, around 15 quid from mondeo spares. and I know in the hatchback I will be able to get in the boot like that... or, create a gap, try to push the seat folding releaser, fold the seat, and fish the key out... smashing, wrenching, breaking are the last options... locksmith is just unreasonably expensive... for 120 quid i can smash the window, wrench the lock and break the tail light....
  15. Sos Help Needed Pls!

    If i left with let's say 2 options... damaging the boot lock or smashing the rear door window which one is cheaper to fix???