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  1. Hi, there are two variants sold alarm, the focus control perimeter (doors, hood and trunk) and interior sensors, I think to take the serial interior, double lock must be standard. For the hood switch I have set a button similar to those bearing the doors of refrigerators [/ IMG] [/ IMG] [/ IMG]
  2. Hello, first sorry for my English. I'm the owner of a focus from spain, I want to share a new feature that I activated with ELM327 cable, I have not seen anything about it in the post. I've activated the alarm as if it were standard with the program elmconfig> gem configuration> part 2 activate the tab "alarm system" and the two sub-tabs below. Now just put a switch on the hood lock, at least mine leads to the same cable but has no switch. [/ IMG] Missing siren is located behind the right rear seat (left hand drive) in the area where the belt goes, there is a curb faston connector serves a standard car horn. [/ IMG] Just need to put the sensors inside ceiling. In my forum no people that has focus and activated in 2005, my focus in 2009 I have not been able to test yet. Activated on the same page Elmconfig> scaning inside This serves to focus 2005> 2012 and Kuga Regards and fantastic forum
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums ruben.s :)