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  1. MPG.

    Ok I'm VERY worried now I have a new fiesta in vision blue ;) I have it since january 16th and its still only doin 33.4 mpg :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :o its a 1.4 automatic! Will this get better has any1 any tips on how to get the mpg up?? Cheers Pauline
  2. Hi, I got a new ford fiesta two weeks ago tomorow! I have an ipod 120gb classic and I have tried connecting it using the usb port... the track list comes up on the information screen and the music plays, but only through the headphones of my ipod??? I have tried unplugging the headphone but I still cant get the music to play out the speakers I love my new car but this is really annoying! anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing here??? All help appreciated