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  1. Cheers for the help Ill get that changed asap n hopefully that sorts it
  2. Wouldnt it happen all the time then? And someone did tell me to change the fuel filter as it might be bringing in air from there
  3. I have a 2006 ford focus 1.8 tdci owned it 2 years It works perfect all year until this morning when it doesnt want to start Its started up fine and after about 2-3 seconds cut out then didnt want to start after that it did it last year when the weather is cold and i ended up changing the fuel rail/spider A intake pipe and it seemed to solve the problem but it has happened again Can any one help
  4. Hi i am looking to buy seats from a focus st st3 leather heated I have a 56 plate 1.8 diesel ghia i have removed my seats before and have looked at the connector and i am sure my loom can cater for the heated part of the seats But i need to no if the seats them self will fit straight in If anyone noes i they fit it would be a great help
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Nukz172 :)