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  1. I bought a seat/mirror memory swich as fitted in the driver's door arm rest, from a breakers having another Scorpio 1998 vintage. Using a Ford manual, I obtaineded the pin connections between the switch and the connector it plugs into. That is, which pins shorted when the 4 switch buttons were pressed. Using a meter, I checked the 'new' switch to see if the same pins shorted when the buttons were pressed. The problem is, the two checks don't agree, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I have a 1998 Scorpio Ultima with the seat/mirror memory switch in the driver's arm rest. The whole pocket on the driver's door was accidentaly broken away and this particular switch lost. My problem is the replacement switch's 4 buttons do not short out the same pin numbers as the Ford TIS circuit diagrams. The TIS number corresponds with the new switch's number, which suggests I have the correct switch. Any ideas? wadman
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums wadman :)