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  1. Hi i have a ford focus mk2 2009 1.8 tdci and my engine was moving alot, ive had the three mounts replaced and its still moving quite alot, any ideas? Is there only 3 mounts or shud there be another one? Thanks
  2. Engine clunking/banging

    Thank you for ur reply pal, ive already tried that but its hard to see really which one is the culprit as it moves quite abit even with the lower and passenger side replaced, guess ill have to replace the last one just for elimination then i know theyre all new, cheers pal
  3. Engine clunking/banging

    Seriously, no replies? Top forum site
  4. Hi i have a ford focus 2009 1.8 tdci, a few weeks a go i noticed there was a bang/clunk when i changed gear either when i change gear or let clutch up, the slower i do it the quieter it is it also does it when you put throttle on quick and the engine moves quite alot, ive had the lower mount and gearbox mount replaced bit its still there, shud i replace the drivers side mount aswell? any help wud be much appreciated thanks
  5. hi can anybody help me, i had a problem with my car yesterday my batt just dies for some reason and when i charged it up and got my car goin everything seemed ok but now ive noticed my steering wont lock when i park up i just keep turning the wheel ehen the keys not in and nothin when its suppose to lock in place any help much appreciated
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums sween85 :)