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  1. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    We could have a competition it looks like for the most random item found in your fiesta void.
  2. Losing Things Down The Back Of The Handbrake

    Glad its not just me as sure I have a few coins and who knows what still down there
  3. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    OK, If anyone else has the unfortunate need to replace one of these, the guide above to get to the fog light, by removing the headlight is the best idea. Remove the 2 screws holding the light unit in and that plastic screw/pin thing. Then be careful lifting the light out. Make sure you free the lip from under the bumper and don't break the clip that holds the light unit in. Once out, now the fun begins. The fog light is fastened in from the inside, 2 screws and 2 plastic holders (slide through the other blank holes). It's a tight fit, be warned. The screws are those security headed ones. Make sure you get the right size head and be warned that you will need a ratchet set, the top screw is easier as you have more clearance, the lower one is a real pain, as you get about 2mm movement. However once off, it pulls out easily. Unclip the light connector and replace with your new fog light. Then clip the new light connector back in and screw together. It actually took 30mins to do and would be much quicker now I know what I'm actually doing and which socket heads I need. Hope this is some help, as it adds a few images to the excellent guide I followed above.
  4. Fiesta Locking Wheel Nuts

    Hi, Does anyone here know the part number of the Fiesta ST locking wheel nuts? I need a set of them, however don't seem to be able to find the part number. All help will be great.
  5. Engine Coolant Dissapearing Dramatically.

    Try the water pump. I had one from there on my old fiesta, very small, but it was there.
  6. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    Thanks for the help. I fixed the bulb, but what a swine that lower screw is, such a tight area to work in. I'll post some pics online in case anyone else in the future wonders what it looks like inside. It's deffo a job from either headlight off or wheel arch liner out. No need to remove the plastic trim though.
  7. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    Looking at this image it looks like the fig light could come out from the front? I could be viewing this image wrong of course?
  8. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    Thanks for all the feedback and help. I have just ordered a light and then will have a go at the weekend of fitting the new one. Does the cover at the front have to come off if the bulb is screwed in from the back? I am assuming looking at the fittings it has to be popped in from behind and not out through the front?
  9. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    Thanks for the reply. Excuse me for being silly .... so I pull that black bit off that looks like it makes up the bumper? Is there any particular clips / way to do this? Other silly question .... Am I right in reading that this fog light should fit my car?
  10. Cracked Fog Light Glass

    Hi, I am hoping someone on here can help me as you will have more knowledge of this than me. I have noticed tonight that my ST has a cracked glass on the fog light. Clearly this has been hit by a stone, however just having a quick look at the car tonight and I can't work out how you get to the fog light? It seems that the bumper has no access from the front as feels like it is solid all the way under that area of the car. Also does anyone have any idea how much a new fog light costs? Do I have to buy the whole light fitting or can you just buy replacement glass? Any help would be great. Here is a link to an image;
  11. That is a massive hole. My TPS sensor would be going mad at that air loss. Hehe
  12. Tpms ?

    As don't most places not touch the valve at all if it has a TPMS system fitted?
  13. Tpms ?

    They have a tool that programs the sensors. I believe it can be done with some tool the tyre places usually have. Is there meant to be a special way they get the tyres off if the wheel has TPMS fitted?
  14. Issue With Type Pressure Monitoring System

    Yes checked that and sat at the dealership now. Appears they are baffled as well as it doesn't tell them which sensor is reporting the error.. Seems a bit silly in the Ford system doesn't it.
  15. Fiesta St3 (180ps) Insurance Help

    Yes and you will have some excesses I bet with some insurers linked to your age (driving experience) - I know mine went up a bit as it seems the ST is becoming more expensive to own ...probably linked to how many are pranged etc.