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  1. I'm also looking for this part. Any luck so far ? Unfortunately I couldn't find any PN. The part is relatively cheap pn ebay but there are 2 versions, one for the console with armrest (like the one on the first post) and another one for the one without armrest. Without knowing the PN it's quite hard to order.
  2. One last thing missing, one 4.2 x 16mm screw + one sheet metal nut. So far could't find them on my local store, hope I will find on another one.
  3. When the engine is off there is no message. I was hoping it will signal me before exiting the car that the key is still in.
  4. Unfortunately it's not doing anything when I open the door.
  5. Anyone tried HEC/Page 3 Key outside warning or Key in reminder? I tried ticking Key in reminder but not sure how to check it it works or not.
  6. Yup, already read it, and noticed that I still need 2 x 6x20 screws, guess the bracket comes without any screws right?
  7. Can't thank you enough ! I finally made it, just needed a stronger screwdriver. All I need now is that metal mounting bracket(which I already ordered) and I can fit the central console. Hope it goes smooth from now.
  8. Oh, so I'm not suppose to push those plastic green/red pins?
  9. Thanks again ! The pictures look great. I read about the second way, there are 2 pins inside, tried to push one at a time and push the metal case, but so far no luck. Not sure how to fit 2 screwdrivers at the same time.
  10. Should be fairly easy and it's worth having the original one rather than an aftermarket one, still, now I'm stuck on removing the old cigarette lighter.
  11. I have this set: Didn't knew about those connectors, I think I will order few of those as they look more factory like. Big thank you for the tip !
  12. Got it, thank you Stoney !
  13. HI Stoney871, Thank you but I already have the parts to make the loom as I was doing some wireing in the trunk for the second light lamp. I was curoius weather there is any existing unsused wires I can connect to. Any chace you have a picture with your loom?
  14. Hi giwrgos_ath, Great guide ! How did you wired the 2 aditional cigarette lighters ? Are there any unused wires underneath the standard console or do I need to piggyback on the standard one?
  15. On the facelift you need red PR21W/BAW15s. I'm also looking for some on e-bay but I'm still not sure that they are strong enought during the day. Now there are a lot of models using 5050 leds (3 cips) so they might be strong enough.