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  1. Whistling Coming Through Radio

    No different settings on steering.
  2. Whistling Coming Through Radio

    Got a strange high pitch whistle coming through the speakers when the radio is turned on. Seems to be linked in some way to the steering as the tone changes when there's load on the steering. No whistle when radio is off...........i'm thinking something electrical.......Any ideas folks????????
  3. Mist Jets

    Hi all.....Could anyone point me in the direction of some mist style, heated screen washers that would fit on my 2006 mk2 Focus please? thanks
  4. Mk 2.5 Stop/tail Led Bulbs

    Yeah thats the ones stoney......Andy im in milton keynes.
  5. Mk 2.5 Stop/tail Led Bulbs

    Nah they're not 380's. those ones have the pins directly opposite each other if you look bottom end on. The ones i need have the pins offset and nearer to each other. I'm sure they are 780's but cant find an LED equivelant.
  6. Mk 2.5 Stop/tail Led Bulbs

    Hi filks. anyone know of a place where i can get LED bulbs to replace the stop/tail originals on my 58 plate focus hatch?? Believe the originals are 780's but cant find LEDs to fit anywhere...Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Upgrade To Sony Head Unit.

    Has anyone got a sony stereo that would fit my 58 plate Style?
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums funkybassman :)