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  1. Happy Birthday Sea_Grey_Kev!

  2. Just had to buy a new 16" 10 spoke for my zetec s after hitting a huge pot hole and buckling it, another £140 gone. Although I was going to change it anyway after managing to scrape it in a Tesco car park. Irritating, as I know where most of the pot holes are on my journeys, then BANG, one springs out of nowhere
  3. Great pic Nathan! Is that car wash in a red-light district? Your turn. Choose a nice easy one as I'm out and about tommorrow
  4. 1.6 TDCi Zetec S (95) On the first 10 fill ups from new, the mpg on the trip was within 1mpg, both above & below. Usually average about 55-60mpg, mostly out of town driving. Once a month I do a 200 mile round trip, which drops it into the low 50's. Fill up at whoever is the cheapest, never noticed an difference in fuel economy.
  5. Your Welcome owe me for life now What are the basic rules on this thread? Does my car get crushed if no-one gets the pic?!?! :o
  6. Pic from inside your car at a carwash/having your car washed.
  7. Thanks Steve, pleasure to be here :)

  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Sea_Grey_Kev :)