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  1. If anyone has a Ford fiesta econetic and has been having an issue with the revs shooting up when the cluch is pushed in.... Ford have found the issue.... its not an issue. Ive had my car in the garage for the past week and the dealers couldnt find a fix. Ford then sent a field engineer to check it out, after a call to Ford engineering and programming department it turns out the car is designed to do this (this is direct from Ford UK) Ive been told the old econetic (up to 2012) had this 'feature' and the 2012 econetic model has it but is less noticable (mine is the 2012 version with start stop.. it is very noticable) To recap the 'feature' is when you press in your clutch around 1700rpm to change gear the revs shoot up to 3000rpm for about 3 seconds then they go back to idle, this is apparently to aid in gear changes?! ... makes my car just shoot forward when you change gear. It only happens every now and again so you cant forsee it happening. Just thought id share this info incase anyone was considering a Ford Fiesta econetic, i would definatly not reccomend the car. I will be asking Ford to write me an email saying the car is designed to do this. Anyone else have a econetic model with these issues? Thanks
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums beatts :)