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  1. 13's don't fit over front brake pal I tried that! And what size spacers etc
  2. Hey again guys! I'm wanting to put 13's on my mk6 fezzy. Any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks guys n gals!
  3. Sorted it I think guys I have the motor a hit or 20 and cleaned the connections.
  4. I've checked the battery connections n will try tapping the motor tomorrow when I'm in the pit. Thanks.
  5. The power doesn't dip when attempting to start like it did when it was almost dead
  6. Not very I believe
  7. Can anyone help please? I'm in a rate mess without my van!:,(
  8. Hey guys. My fiesta ha the battery die the other day. Charged it off the car and refitted it. Started perfect first time. Went out in it parked up etc. came back to it later and all I get when I go to crank it is a loud click. Battery seems to be perfect and car starts when bumped. Can someone please shine some lift on this please? Thanks guys!!
  9. Thanks pal ill have a go at it now!:)
  10. Hey guys. There's a few things I could use some help with and I don't wanna jump in on my own cause ill just break stuff! Firstly, my passenger front seat won't fold. When I pull the lever it makes noise but no movement, any ideas on the problem? If so please shine some light as it is doin my head in having to get out the car every time someone in the back wants to get out!! Also, is the rumour true that 1.6tdci fiesta intercooler pipe work will fit straight onto the 1.4? Thirdly, does anyone know where I can get a intake silicone pipe that will direct towards the front of the car? I've seen them on eBay but for the 1.6 again. Will these fit maybe? Finally, quite a by off topic, but would anyone like to swap some wheels with me? I've got black st wheels 17 inch. Two good tyres, two about gone. Preferably some zetec s wheels or somethin like that? I'm based in leabrooks close to derby. Any help returned is much appreciated! Thanks everyone!! Lil Raz...
  11. can someone please helpmy we my post??? im in need of lights!:/

  12. can someone please helpmy we my post??? im in need of lights!:/

  13. Hey people! I've recently uprated my headlights to LED side lights and 8000k HID's (low & high beam). Yesterday night, typically, my low beams would't work at all, but the drivers side light did. Then, the high beams would work fine but no low beam still and the side lights wouldn't light. Now, the high beams cut out when ever they want, and I still have no low beam or side lights on the front. Can anyone tell me why this is happening, or more importantly, how to stop it please? Thanks in advance, Lil Raz 93 xD
  14. Tar very much likee! :D

  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Lil Raz 93 :)