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  1. Hi Gang, I'm new to FOC! I used to run a 2004 Mondeo TDCi 130 as a company car and it was a fantastic machine with only one fault, I believe it had a camshaft sensor fault which resulted in it not wanting to start one day and when it did it sounded really rough.. .. a 3rd party recovery company made this 10 times worse by revving the hell out if it and contaminating the injector assembly by undoing the beads and trying to check the flow of diesel.......muppets, Ford paid for the camshaft fault/cracked head but we had to take the 3rd party recovery company to court about the £1500+ for the injector assembly......anyway I am now looking to buy one of these superb machines with my own money 2005 onward TDCi and the DMF topic seems to be a fairly hot one, for those that don't know what a DMF stands for it is a 'Dual Mass Flywheel' and when it requires replacement it means a new starter motor too, it is also recommended to get the clutch replaced too meaning an expensive invoice.... Question 1 is what is the typical life of this group of parts ie replacement intervals? they fail at random mileages like the Honda Accord CDTi's have been found to do? Question 2 I've seen a number of comments about Injector assembly problems, is this something of a common fault as I remember Ford's bill on my company car which to be fair was down to negligence but wow was it a corker and something I'd like to avoid! I just want to make it clear to all the potential or current Mondeo owners out there that this is not a panic mongering message, you have or are going to buy a superb class leading car but better to know the potential pitfalls of any car before handing over cash... Cheers for now and I look forward to the feedback from the FOC clan Regards Chris