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  1. Good Afternoon From Unique Cc

    Hey guys, Me and a group of mates have opened a website for our car club on the internet, which is like every other car club but members can post progress threads and how to guides etc. for their car no matter what make and model it is! We are currently looking for members who would like to join for free and be part of our community if interested. first of all a bit about the club and ourselves: We basically started the club from the south wales area, where we all have different cars from each other, , but we realised that after having a few people asking us how to do things on their cars, it would be much easier to put the club on the net so we can back-track to any guides that will be written, we currently have members from the Nottingham area but they are wanting to meet new car fanatics because they are the group thats outside of south wales, so this is where we want to get as many members as possible from all around the UK so members can be local to eachother. We are not a rival club . Any problems please feel free to message me Alex
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Alexucc :)