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  1. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    CNC lathe cleaner....someone has to do it. :)
  2. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    Will be getting a 10 plate fiesta zetec-s when my insurance is due. Honestly can't wait! :)
  3. Milton Keynes Meet - 17Th March 2013

    I drive a bag of nails just now but I'm up for it
  4. Photo Location Game

    I'm on it :)
  5. Photo Location Game

    I'm in on this. Does it count if my current vehicle is an escort van? :D
  6. Loud Whooshing Coming From Engine

    Sounds to me like a split in the boost hose Did they check the intercooler hoses? Does it lack power? Go out, leave it to warm up & give it a rev, turbo should boost around 2500rpm, check to see how much smoke comes out.
  7. Strange Uneven Tyre Wear - Help Needed

    Is it like that all the way round the tyre? I'd get the tracking checked before anything.
  8. Newbie :)

    Hi all, thought I'd come & say hello. Names Tom 20 years of age & I'm currently working as a panel beater. I own a 1984 mk3 Escort ghia with the intensions of tracking it. :) I also drive an escort 55 van as a daily.
  9. Escort 55 Van Starting Problem

    I had a similar issue so I decided to service my van (98 escort 55) changed the plugs, oil & filter & fuel filter. The fuel filter must be at least half filled when its put back on then prime it a couple times. If it still doesn't fire after that then it might be the diaphragm on the fuel filter that's causing air to leak in. ( the black bit you push down) I had to take it of, strip it & rebuild it. No problems since ;) Hth
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Vann1992 :)