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  1. mk7 exhaust advice

    ashman is the catback a good idea or a waste of money, i'm not after the power upgrade, just the noise and tailpipes showing will i have any problems doing it this way
  2. mk7 exhaust advice

    no plans for the power upgrade, does anyone know of any other ford tuning places mountune is a bit far away, i live in the north west (manchester)
  3. mk7 exhaust advice

    will i still get the same sound or will it just sound crappy. love the car parks idea
  4. mk7 exhaust advice

    i've got a mk7 zetec S and i am thinking of having the catback exhaust from pumaspeed fitted to give it a bit more grunt. i think the exhaust should be louder and the tailpipes should be on show to match the look of the car. my concern is that it will be too loud and sound like a boyracers car, i read that michelle said hers was loud. was wondering how loud it would be and if its a good idea any advice welcome thanks in advance, mike
  5. these r pics of my car, hope they help with your decision, my opinion is the chrome finishes wont complement the car as much on the white on, if you like your chrome then i think the sea rey would look better. but thats only my opinion
  6. opinions on my fiesta

    thanks for the great comments.
  7. traction control stops you spinning the walls too much, but the ESP is electronic stability programme, which in the event that you need to swerve to avoid hitting something and will stop you spinning out of control and allow you to miss the object. there is an episode of fifth gear where tiff shows the advantages of ESP, which he says all cars should have as standard, its a safety feature worth having.
  8. opinions on my fiesta

    there can be, it depends on the dealer, i put a deposit on mine on jan 30th and it was at the dealers then but waited for the 09 plate, if i had insisted on the usb port or diferent spec the would have to wait til beginning of april, that would have been 10 week wait
  9. opinions on my fiesta

    its ok ask away i'll help where i can. the rear diffuser bumper is standard, as is the spoiler and front skirt, and your right the side skirts are an optional extra
  10. opinions on my fiesta

    the city pack is reverse parking sensors and electric folding mirrors the street pack is 17" wheels, privacy glass and ESP the USB and bluetooth is about £200 and i think just the bluetooth is about £150 so about £50 i think
  11. opinions on my fiesta

    sorry about delay on reply. its got street pack, city pack, side skirts, bluetooth, heated front screen, chrome foot pedals. really wanted the USB port, but the car was already at the dealers with this spec, whcih was everything i wanted except for USB port but i'll manage without.
  12. Difference

    sorry mate, i was thinking new shape, i would have thought it depends on the type of driving you do, if its a lot of motorway the go for the 1.4, but if not then save your money as both car and insurance would probably be more expensive
  13. Difference

    you can get the 1.25 with 60ps or 82ps in the style, but if you want the 1.4 you have to have the zetec which will be 96ps and a better trim, but more expensive
  14. gadgermans new fiesta

    really nice looking car, i think the zetec S should have the chrome trims as well
  15. opinions on my fiesta

    yeah love it, cant stop looking at it