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  1. Mondeo Tdci 130 Flashing Glow Plug Light

    taz - done that will running bad when its not cutting out thanks
  2. Mondeo Tdci 130 Flashing Glow Plug Light

    guys any up dates on how to sort this problem ? my ford mondeo estate has the same problem , when i drive it and give it some gas the !Removed! engine cuts off and glow plug light come on (its !Removed! damgours) i have had it on 3 diagnostics machines and fault less . i went out again in it last week and it just would not re start so got towed to a garage = no fault , they changed the battery and fuel filter and now it starts . but the glow plug light came on again when i drove it home , im getting sick of it . any help from anyone would be great thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums unlucky :)