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  1. From what I can see online, the fact it says DTC none means there's nothign wrong with it...but why would the light be coming on?
  2. Hi Having recently bought a 53 plate Fiesta Finesse, it was back in the garage straight away after having a problem with the Coil pack. The car was juddering. The coil pack and all related systems were replaced and all was good...for a week...and now the engine light is back on. I have run the self-test on the Dashboard and need to know if anyone can decipher the codes on there. I will list them below in order : A0000 nr0820 EE82 CF100 CF200 CF300 dtc none e0000 560129 t0000 t60074 F1 187 FP 1080 FPT 076 F6 0004 C6002 odo 000 trn -- iud -- bat120 bf -0 hb -6 SIP -0 LC0010 cr-0 ac-0 P0-00 P2-19 P6-2d AD0154 AD1113 AD2255 AD4255 If anyone can help with these, that would be ABSOLUTELY fantastic...might just save me a trip back to the garage to be hooked up to the Diagnostic machine. Cheers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums FameAsserLeeds :)