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  1. Hi, Does anyone know what size the front brake caliper retaining bolt is ? it looks like an Allen key type, i have tried all my assortment i have and none seem to fit. i presume it is an Allen key type ? Hope someone can help Thank you.
  2. Thanks, i went for new as i could not get them in pembrokeshire no scrappers nearby, got them next day delivery from a very helpfull ford dealer in salisbury.. does anyone know where a mk 4 haynes can be d/loaded from other than haynes site. thank you
  3. hi, i have a mk4 and the power steering lines have corroded and are leaking, should i buy from a breakers or get new.? anyone know of good place to buy please.
  4. Rear View Mirror Fallen Off Again.

    thanks i have sent you an email to see if you can supply me a couple, please let me know if you recieve it. kind regards
  5. Does anyone know a good fix for replacing a fiesta rear view mirror back on the windscreen for good. The darn thing has dropped off again, and a ford dealer fixed it last time with a kinda sticky pad thing. Not sure if i should use glass bond or similar, is there a kit in the uk i could buy, or any one had a similar problem they fixed... do ford even do a kit for this.? kind regards, "D" --------------------

    Thank you for the fast reply, i understand now about the interior light, i have just gone outside to check this.... This is what happens...i close the drivers door with the interior light on, the light stays on for say 15 seconds or about, then you can hear a faint "click" from the dash and the interior light goes off, its kinda on a time delay, i think its always done that...does that help your diagnosis.? The door opening warning light on the dash is still not going out....i have cleaned the brass looking pins and brass/copper 4 block thing on the tailgate..and this has made no differance... So unsure how to progress... Thank you, Frank.. -------------------------------------------------------

    Thanks for the reply, i am a bit confused by it having read it thru a few times, (dont understand the interior light bit sorry).. its the warning light on the dashboard thats permantly staying on, its a warning light similar to say your oil pressure warning light...basically it tells you if any of the doors are not shut properly..this one of mine is on even when the doors are all shut...it should go out, but it doesnt.. The other thing is where is the rear wiper relay located, do you know.? Thanks, Frank...
  8. I Have the door open light always on now on the dash, i have cleaned all the contacts and pins and this has not cured the fault, Now the rear wash wipe works ok, but does not return to the rest or park position...this is really odd, any ideas welcome, thank you.. Frank..