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  1. Thermostat Leak

    Already bought a new housing for it richiemax,thats what i couldnt understand because it was still leaking.I took out the new cheappy thermostat which cost a fiver and tested it to see if it worked,would you believe it ,it was a duddddddd,went into ford kicking and sreamming lol and got one there.....since then its been bone dry.Thanks again everybody for the advice,hopefully thats the end of it.
  2. Thermostat Leak

    yeah thanks for the advice arthur,i think i'll go and try this out now
  3. Thermostat Leak

    Hi all,ive got a coolant leak,ive put in a new thermostat housing and o ring and thermostat,ive also put in a new cover too but there still seems to be a problem anyone got any ideas. The leak is coming from the thermostat cover.It seems to only bubble out when the motor is running.Having to top coolant tank up every day.Please help.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums tomo38 :)