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  1. James's Mk7

    Cheers dude!
  2. James's Mk7

    I like the brakes, definite improvement over the standard step up, all in it ran me about £200 for the parts plus a couple of hours labour to fit. The short shift turns the shift into an almost rifle bolt, I love it and it wasn't too hard to install
  3. James's Mk7

    Not been very active on this forum, so I thought I'd get a project thread going for my Mk7... Above is how it started, completly standard...added a J1, Heko wind deflectors, 15mm Eibach spacers all round, Milltek cat-back (because the tailpipes are nicer than the Mountune system...and it was a steal!) I also upgraded the brakes using M-tech disks, Greenstuff pads, HEL lines and ATE Superblue fluid, all this will be getting swapped for the 300mm upgrade when funds allow. I then added Eibach springs... I love how it sits, finally its most recent couple of mods being a Steeda short shifter and my new powder coated wheels... from a Mondeo ST200 I am really happy with it at the moment...C & C welcome Thanks for looking James
  4. Noob From Burnley

    Evening ladies and gents, Just saying Hi, I'm James from Burnley, I've been driving my FWZS Mk7 for a ouple of months and love it! Always looking for upgrades or changes I can make! James
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums JamesFWZS :)