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  1. My Focus and cluster was made in Germany and I can confirm that flashing the ROM to upgrade it to 0509 worked perfectly for me. Well, apart from forgetting to turn off the Wi-Fi network so it crashed after a few seconds but with that turned off it worked perfectly.
  2. I agree with Preee as it was so simple to just have it on the first page. If reading this on this page then all you need to do is click on the double back arrows at the bottom of the page and it'll immediately take you back to the first page. Simples! :) Whichever way you choose you should be downloading the respective files within a few seconds. The alternative is the files eventually ending up in the middle of other pages after a few days of other posts. I think it has to be congratulated for the speed with which the link to the revised zipped files got put there after my posting here.
  3. Many thanks they downloaded without any problems from there.
  4. Neither of the files can be downloaded; FDS (1).zip & ELM-FF2_EN.zip
  5. Can anyone tell me how I can access this download as even when logged into the site I get; Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#10171] You do not have permission to view this attachment.
  6. It was a bit of a long winded fiddle but at least it worked and got it reactivated. Many thanks for posting those screenshots and I now plan to get the ELM327 cable sometime and modify it as described. It can't be too hard if I can desolder and resolder batteries on motherboards and repair the heater resister pack on my former car. I can just pop into the local Maplin to get the DPDT switch (rocker preferred if possible) and wire as then can see what I'm getting. Am I correct in thinking that the modification with the wiring and the switch is to access the GEM part of the program and unmodified to access the engine diagnostics?
  7. It just got my grey matter thinking when it was suggested both would be activated. However my car only has the automatic relocking and by the time it was built I believe Ford had dropped the auto locking. Now that another poster has indicated that the latest elmconfig is available as an English version I've now downloaded the program in readiness for a future purchase of the ELM as this looks to be very useful indeed if rewired as described via a miniature DPDT switch for the two modes. Interestingly though I believe any sequences such as these should be in the car manual or am I being cynical thinking it'll then deprive the dealerships of some income? I'd also like to see the parts diagrams online but that's another topic.
  8. Thanks for this posting Stan as it got me thinking that if the automatic relocking is also enabled when the auto locking is enabled (the latter I don't think fitted to my car) then I could search for a sequence to enable the auto locking and it may then enable the automatic relocking I have. Success! I actually found a sequence to do this process without the need for the ELM327 and for anyone interested you do the following; Get into car and close all doors. Insert key into ignition. Turn ignition on. Operate drivers door lock switch on (lock) and off (unlock) three times. Turn ignition off. Operate drivers door lock switch on (lock) and off (unlock) three times. Turn ignition on. Operate drivers door lock switch just once. The automatic relocking (also auto locking if fitted) is now enabled/disabled.After the above sequence you then need to exit the car and lock it using the remote fob, then unlock it and see if the automatic relocking is functioning/disabled. A tip is not to do this too fast to enable the soloniods to charge up between operations or you may find that the locks won't operate until had a while to recover.
  9. New Owner Of Focus Mk2.5

    Thanks everyone for the welcomes.
  10. Many thanks I had a look at the guides you mentioned and the screen grabs of the software with the translatons. Unfortunately, and please do correct me if I'm incorrect, I didn't notice any feature that would enable or disable the automatic relocking. There was a section for auto locking but that's completely different to automatic relocking in that auto locking is where the doors lock after moving off and attaining a certain set speed whereas automatic relocking is where it locks all the doors when the vehicle has been stood for 45secs with all doors shut and the ignition turned off or none of the doors are opened within 45secs of unlocking with the remote fob.
  11. I've recently got a Focus Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec (10 plate 2010). When I first got the car the doors could be unlocked with the key fob and if a door wasn't opened within 45secs it would automatically relock. However the doors now don't automatically relock at all and, as far as I can see, there's nothing in the car's manual stating how to remove this feature or re-enable this useful feature. All it states is that this feature will function but not if the key is in the interior of the car. It stopped working after I'd been testing a spart keey without a remote control and opening and closing the door manually. After this the automatic relocking has failed to work so must have inadvertently gone through a sequence to disable the automatic relocking. I would therefore be grateful if anyone could inform me of the sequence I need to follow to re-enable the automatic relocking when the doors have been shut for more than 45secs.
  12. Just joined here after purchasing a Ford Focus Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec 10 plate. Come back to Ford after a couple of Rovers (yes, last one was kept for a long time!) and previously had an Escort Mk2 1.3 Popular Plus, Escort Mk3 1.3 GL and Sierra Mk2 2.0 GLS. So far happy with the Focus and drives very well.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums blackfive :)