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  1. Scraping when turning right

    I started getting the same problem about 2 months ago - a scraping noise coming from the passenger side wheel when I make right turns (as if the tyre was rubbing against the plastic wheel arch). It doesn't happen on full lock and it doesn't happen when I'm turning on gentle corners either, just on 90 degree right turns. At first I thought some debris or a build up of mud had got caught under the wheel arch but I've had a good look and this isn't the case. I don't have power steering so I don't think this can be the cause. My mate who works in a tyre garage said the sound it makes is nothing like you'd expect from a wheel bearing problem. He suggested getting the wishbone suspension checked. I haven't taken it to a garage to get checked yet so can't really offer advice on what your problem might be but thought I'd let you know you aren't alone. Let us know if you work out the cause.