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  1. Hi all, Im new to this forum so if this isnt the right area to post this i apologise. Im having a problem recently with my Focus Tdci 2003 starting when it has been raining or damp weather, it turns over but struggles to fire its like im trying to start an old tractor engine, and the glow plug light flashes, im not sure if there is water somehow getting into the engine bay, i have had it serviced about 2 months ago when they replaced the cabin filter it broke the scuttle panel seal thus leading to a wet passanger footwell which i have sorted now and no water is getting in that way, some people said it may the Egr valve but that have been cleaned. I thought i would to and get some advice from you guys before i take it to the garage and get stung with a huge bill Has anyone had this problem? If so what solved it? Many thanks In advance Chris
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Keasty25 :)