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  1. I've had my 54 plate Streetka for 18 months, recently I have noticed the fan seems to be kicking in alot after only short journeys usually when idling at the lights and the like. Checked the coolant level and it's fine, no obvious leaks or need to top up. Plugged in OBD tonight and the engine temp is running at 95 degrees as soon as the engine is turned on. Fan kicks in at 100 degrees which doesn't take long to reach..... Do Streetka's run on the hot side or do I need to investigate further? No error codes showed on OBD. Would a coolent flush make and difference?
  2. Recently purchased a 05 Streetka. This week I seem to be having issues getting it into reverse gear.....it doesn't grind or clunk, it just won't move backwards when in put in reverse.... Previous car was an 02 Ka which never had this issue. Suggestions as to what it may be? I fear this Streetka will bleed money......:-(
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Elfie :)