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  1. Ford Focus Mk2 St3 Sony 6Cd Wiring - Please Help!

    Brilliant!, thank you ever so much (as you noticed I didn't have a clue) very much appreciated! :D
  2. I need to connect an accessory power cable (pic2) to the existing wiring of the Sony 6CD player(pic3) struggling to find the correct information. Can anyone help? I have never done any wiring on a car stereo before, and wish to avoid any problems if I can. I cannot seem to find accurate details on which cables to use. As an example there are 3 orange/black cables - but various forums do not tell me 'which' of the 3 orange/black cables to use for the 12V yellow - I have guessed it would be PIN 1? If anyone can tell me where to connect all 3 cables, I would be very greatful - thankyou in anticipation... (I hope my image below helps)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Theexpertise :)