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  1. Just a look at the car after a clean yesterday
  2. Ahh s**t I thought I was onto a winner..... wonder if anyone has used these though....
  3. Saw these from this forum a while back. sell body kits for all Focus' ... Anyone used them. im thinking of getting this..... http://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-ZETEC-S-LOOK-BODY-KIT-/131065628743?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1e841ec847
  4. Nah I want metal mesh. st 225 lower grille isnt a direct fit...
  5. Quick update... Sprayed the underside of the front and yellow headlight tint. Also fly eyes on the rear lights rear fog and reverse but I don't have a pic..
  6. Before I start a long annoying fabricating project does anyone know where I can get a lower mesh grill for a mk2.5? Zunsport do every focus bar mine....
  7. When you fit them just make sure you level them right so yoy don't blind people and police won't notice/care. Id say go to a shop snd buy them rather than ebay just incase your not happy. But no bulbs are near that level of light and as white from a standard h7
  8. What do you guys think. I like em
  9. Non that are designed to fit perfect :/
  10. Get some cree sidelights. They are super bright and look awesome. 501. Some are a tight fit but looks great
  11. Anyone know where I can get one for my focud and maybe a nice knob aswell.
  12. Ahh looks like ill have to get under the car then :/ Bit hard being as it low xD
  13. No the rear is alot deeper mate. I think the front bumper is a direct fit. Don't quote me on that though
  14. How do I remove these. Tried everything
  15. Check my car mod log for a pic if them fitted