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  1. How Do I Find What Bhp I Have

    on fordetis it said 120ps/125ps happy with that
  2. How Do I Find What Bhp I Have

    thanks MPX309, just checked no luck mate
  3. How Do I Find What Bhp I Have

    thanks for that Karl I've just had a look can't see any camera there, when my car was made they must have started putting the reversing cameras on, do you know if one can be fitted without a second screen.
  4. How Do I Find What Bhp I Have

    thanks lads, in the wright up it said it had a rear view camera but it hasn't got one I never thought to check it could I have one fitted without having a second screen. cheers
  5. hi after over two years away I've returned home (er indoors picked a corsa) I've just brought a fiesta 1,0 ecoboost titanium x 14 reg how do I find out if its a 125. nice to be back .
  6. Side Skirts

    hi thanks lads the £200 was for painting and fitting. wot i'm worried about buying off sites like e-bay is they say it's genuine ford skirts,and then they say moulded from original ford skirts and i'm worried they are not going to fit right.
  7. Hi I'm thinking of having side skirts fitted, do you think i should go to fords and buy there's or have them off e-bay ( cheaper and are they ok and do they fit ok), as anybody got any tips for us, i have been quoted £150 to £200 at my local body shop for fitting. thanks a lot. anthony
  8. Anything To Look Out For?

    Hi rossrr When you check the carpets for water leaks make sure you realy press down hard because mine came in between the trim and bodywork and up through the underlay
  9. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    Hi NickiMac ford did charge me first time and when i read other members reviews one found out it was a production fault so i gave ford relations a call and explain to them what had happned, i took the car back and they didn't charge me, my car was first registered 2010 and only done 14,000 mls so i don't know if that ad anything to do with it.
  10. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    hi tommy I hope i can get the pics through to yer, me and pc don't get on, it does look bad on the photo's it looks if they was blindfolded when they did it. anthony B)
  11. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    hi tommy sorry i can't help you with what seal it was but mine ad gone in two places, one at the top of the wing just below the bonnet hinge you can see the seal where they have put some touch up paint on it, the other one was where the wing fits on to the bodywork the guy was pointing to the door pillar between drivers door hinges, the water was running in between the trim and sill and coming in at the back of drivers seat up through the underlay and carpet in the passenger footwell,so far so good, they did say bring it back if it happens again, i'm sorry if it's not much use and hope you get it sorted soon there must be thousands out there with this problem fords should know it must be a major problem.
  12. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    Hi tommy I replied to a member this morning with the same problem I paid £288 first time I ad to go back it was still leaking I gave the fords customer relation a call and they was Very helpful and I got it fixed for nothing, if you follow the water leak links there's Some good information in there.
  13. Happy New Year

    hi sorry it's a bit late but all the the best to everyone out there and have a great happy breakdown free new year, great topics and reviews keep em coming. :D
  14. Water Leak

    hi elaine i had the same trouble few weeks back, it cost me £288 first time, ad to take it back because it was still leaking, mine was a 59 plate (10 reg) which i brought private, two seals ad gone on the front wing got intouch with fords customer relations and they helped alot if you got a case i didn't have to pay in the end, follow my reviews or look for water leaks, my local dealer was spot on. :)
  15. Best Wax For White Fiesta?

    I've just brought a black one I got me some mer do you think thats ok or rubbish