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  1. what they told me when I picked the car up that they gave it a road test and couldn't find anything wrong with it and said if it happens again to bring it straight back, so, I don't know how I feel about that whether I'm glad or I've got this nagging feeling at the back of my mind is it going to happen again, on the service side when I booked it in they quoted £228 and said fords recommend that after two years to have the brake fluid change £39 I said ok and he then said I would have the engine flush and petrol treat £24 to get the max miles to the gallon I said ok, when I picked it up he asked me how much they quoted for service and told him and he told me I got it for £180 and gave me 1yr ford blueservice breakdown cover and gave me car wash and vac. :) or :(
  2. the cars in at fords today to have it checked out also I thought while it was in I've told them to do the second service on it, may god have mercy on my soul.
  3. thanks lads for the reply's ill let you know how I get on
  4. thanks for that Ffoxy .
  5. thanks for all reply's, I will give them a ring tomorrow.
  6. hi can anybody help us my wife called me to say she had broke down she told me she was moving in slow traffic and the gear box got stuck in first gear she manage to get it free turned down a side street to call me and she could smell something burning, I have 1.0 ecoboost titanium x 14 reg 6,250 mls on clock.
  7. on fordetis it said 120ps/125ps happy with that
  8. thanks MPX309, just checked no luck mate
  9. thanks for that Karl I've just had a look can't see any camera there, when my car was made they must have started putting the reversing cameras on, do you know if one can be fitted without a second screen.
  10. thanks lads, in the wright up it said it had a rear view camera but it hasn't got one I never thought to check it could I have one fitted without having a second screen. cheers
  11. hi after over two years away I've returned home (er indoors picked a corsa) I've just brought a fiesta 1,0 ecoboost titanium x 14 reg how do I find out if its a 125. nice to be back .
  12. i would like to cancel my membership

  13. Happy Birthday tark99!

  14. hi thanks lads the £200 was for painting and fitting. wot i'm worried about buying off sites like e-bay is they say it's genuine ford skirts,and then they say moulded from original ford skirts and i'm worried they are not going to fit right.
  15. Hi I'm thinking of having side skirts fitted, do you think i should go to fords and buy there's or have them off e-bay ( cheaper and are they ok and do they fit ok), as anybody got any tips for us, i have been quoted £150 to £200 at my local body shop for fitting. thanks a lot. anthony