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  1. is trying to fit such a feature your self a good idea. If it isnt done correctly or something goes wrong with it...... But thats just what i think.
  2. that what your looking for?
  3. Nice work. My only suggestion would be to get a soldering iron and solder all the connections. Twisted wire connections can cause all sorts of headaches down the road. Oh and heat shrink. it makes a nice water proof connection too. But still nice work.
  4. I have an option that says ESP/TCS then on or off. was enabled in elmconfig.
  5. if he is adamant he has proof, ask to see it.
  6. Also check the battery. I had a problem with mine where the battery had enough power to crank the engine, but in doing so would drop the voltage and mess with the immobiliser.
  7. oops lol
  8. jealous much
  9. Im considering winter tires too at the moment so cant help much there other than saying that from what ive seen while researching there are both 4 and 5 stud focus wheels kicking about on ebay. Mine (2005) is 5 stud, i think the 4 are from older modles. Someone correct me if im wrong.
  10. take it to your local dealer. If its faulty it should just be a warranty job. No point in messing about.
  11. ive checked and the fuse is there, 15A in the slot and the contacts are there too, rather than being empty like the rest. Maybe my car is just odd.
  12. No worries. Just been flicking through my manual and noticed that I have a fuse in my fusebox for what the manual says is a "Luggage compartment power point". Any idea what that might be or if it is an unconnected fuse (no wire on the drivers side that others have)
  13. Mine costs 185 for my 2005 1.6 and has to be done every year or 12000 miles to keep my used car warranty
  14. Gun metal all the way
  15. after some more investigation with a multimeter and pulling fuses it seems that the red wire is for the towing module. its on its own 20A fuse and is a permanent live 12v supply. Im sure i will be able to make use of that :)