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  1. hi does any one no if the ford c max 2007 to 2010 came with Power Fold Door Mirror and if so which model they where fitted to as i have a 2007 mk 2 titanium which as all sorts of bits and bob,s on it like auto wippers and auto lights ect but no Power Fold Door Mirror
  2. Ford C Max

    hi thanks for your help i will try that tomorrow (sataday)
  3. Ford C Max

    hi this is the first time i have posted on this site hope some one can help i have just pick up my for c max on tuesday it is a 2007 (07) the problam i have is when i put the heater on after the car as bean switched off the air con comes on and i have to turn it back off with the air con switch which i keep forgeting to do so am driving around with it still on when i do not need it on i have looked in my hand book can not fined how to stop this hope some one can help thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums mrd :)