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  1. Footwells Full Of Water

    Hi Stoney Not sure as it was done by the garage I purchased it from, under the 1 month warranty he gave me, is there anyway of knowing the route the water would have taken i.e what else would still be wet. Molly
  2. Hi all Hope someone can help,not sure if this is a common fault/problem!! Only had streetka 2 weeks, and after replacing solenoid for boot I have another problem. It rained like billy'o' here last night so might just be a one off but doubt it. when I got into car this morning the footwells were full of water and i mean puddles not just wet carpet but water about 3mm above the carpet, both passenger and driver side. Now I do park on the drive which faces downhill, but thinking it about it now as i'm typing i thought this would of helped the water run away!! So,my question is the wells filled up with water, where it would come from and WHY???? Cheers in advance Molly
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums mollypuss :)