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  1. CD6000 aux in

    I have the newer cd6000 fitted in my 06 plate c-max, but there's no aux input socket anywhere in the car. I know the newer models have the input socket next to the hand brake, and I've seen some web forums and owners handbook, stating it's in the glove box, but I can't find the aux in socket anywhere and believe me I have looked almost everywhere. When I press the aux buttin it does display "aux in" on the unit, so really hoping for guidance on how I can get the aux facility to work. Instructions on how to do this most welcome. thanks Bob
  2. Privacy Glass or Blinds

    Hi There Just recently joined the forum, and this is my 1st topic question. Just recently bought 06 plate CMax and up to now very happy with Ford (Have had 2 Scenics for past 6 years). Excellent to Drivebut having serious decision to make - Do I get Privacy Glass done or install Blinds for rear windows. Suggestions or comments fully appreciated. Can get the Privacy Glass at a reasonable price, company does the work for one of the main car dealerships and I've been offered the job done for cash sale, but with written warranty etc.