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  1. cant wait for ford fair :)

  2. From the album My Focus

  3. From the album My Focus

  4. From the album My Focus

  5. From the album My Focus

  6. From the album My Focus

  7. From the album My Focus

  8. From the album My Focus

  9. From the album My Focus

  10. amazing weekend fordslife car meet had a good turn out :)

  11. anyone going to MFN later today?

  12. Going to Thoresby hall at the end of the month for classic ford show :) then ford fair and USC can't wait !

  13. Anybody got any suggestions to what colour mudflaps to have?

  14. Still waiting for my club stickers

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    2. Mark M.K

      Mark M.K

      Please allow upto 28 days for delivery, they get sent out at the start of every month, if you don't get one in the next 2 weeks let me know and i'll arrange another to be sent.

    3. Focuschick


      Thanks for letting me know, didnt know it took upto 28 days for delivery

    4. Mark M.K

      Mark M.K

      No worries :)