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  1. Smax 2.0 Tdci Water Leak

    Hi. I havent as yet as I cannot get the plastc covers out, Im not sure if they a glued in or screwed on. Do they have fixing holes from the roof trims or not? I do not have a roof rack or roof bars fitted though just the standard roof with the grey trim in the water resess channels
  2. Smax 2.0 Tdci Water Leak

    I Have an 08 plate Smax and there is water leaking into the boot area. Its coming in somewhere above the wheel arches in the rear of the car, and above the windows. If you remove the internal inspection panel for the lights and reach up you can feel the metel work is wet and the carpets are soden so that it has collected about 3 inches of water into the rear storage compartment as where the spare wheel would be. I am at the end of my wits re this as its the second car I have with this problem. I have taken the light clusters out and they are dry. Autoglass say it cannot be the windows as the seals are good. HELP ME PLEASE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums soc3032 :)