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  1. No power going uphill

    Cheers delboy. £85 sounds quite reasonable. Did that include labour costs?
  2. No power going uphill

    Thanks delboy. Thats what i thought the prob might be. Found out though that on these KA's the exhaust is all one unit so will have to buy whole system. How much do you think it could cost?
  3. Hi all. Driving back from Lancs to Leeds this evening I had major problems mainting speed up the hills on the M62. Going uphill I had absolutely no power even with the foot down and my speed struggled to get above 30mph. I've recently had a new clutch fitted (all 3 parts 2 weeks ago) so I'm sure this can't be the reason. In the morning I noticed fur coming out of the back of the exhaust pipe (at first it looked like a rat might have climbed in there). The old man says that there's probably a hole in the silencer and this is the fur coming out of it. Do you think the power problem and fur are related? Thanks very much for the help.