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  1. Woken up to discover I'm out of Starbucks Verismo Guatemala Antigua. That's this weekend ruined #middleclassproblems

  2. An infographical look at Walking Dead kills over three seasons /read in @feedly

  3. Two weeks and counting without a single mile ran due to injury. :(

  4. Pork burrito from Cheltenham Whole foods, going to be here a while!

  5. Manufacturer: Ford. Model: LX. Year: 1999. Colour: Blue. Fuel Type: Petrol. Engine Size (CC): 1796. Yesterday I noticed my car is making whirring sound when I press the clutch to change gear. I had not driven the for four days and didn't notice the sound when I last drove. This may or may not be relevant, last Thursday I did drive through a partially flooded road. Many thanks Grant
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums grant.smith :)

  7. Bradley Wiggins for #BBCSPOTY simples