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  1. Dpf For Fusion+

    Peange Thanks for respnding. My car is May 2007 so, yes, it is an older diesel. So your response is very welcome because I understand it is expensive to have these replaced. I don't do motorway travel too often but probably every couple of months so it gets a blast now & again when speed touches 130kph (legal limit here in France). Other than that, it regularly gets to 90kph. Thanks again!
  2. Dpf For Fusion+

    Hi Can anyone please advice me - I have just found about DPFs and I would like to know: if it is necessary to change this at what mileage what is involved does it have to be done by a main dealer my car has done about 82,000 miles Thanks for any advice and answers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums PPNorm :)