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  1. 1) Wheels - you HAVE to do this first unless it doesnt need doing. Nothing worse than seeing a car with a beefy bodykit with a set of caravan wheels............. 2) Stereo - Got wheels, now sounds. You dont want a 1936 wireless in ya motor after spending a grand on ya rims.... 3) Bodykit - Now youre getting somewhere........will compliment those wheels nicely. 4) Exhaust - You have the bodykit with a massive gaping hole at the back and a pissy little exhaust pipe. Get a grip and grab a big bore ;) 5) Air Filter/Induction kit - Exhaust coupled with this will add at least a meatier sound and possibly slightly better performance
  2. Yeah happy new year everyone :) I also turn 33 years old tomorrow :( all the best
  3. I had something like that on an escort years ago, Id turn on the sidelights and the dashboard lights didnt work , shortly followed by the rear lights. Then they would work again, then they wouldnt, I dont remember what exactly it was called but I think it was what Lenny said...........I know it wasnt a Mondeo but theres every chance it could be that. Sorry I cant help any more
  4. Mine was flashing, then it stopped when i changed the valve. As for the engine management light my new cheapo ebay special reader reset it for me straight away..............better than extortionate garage prices
  5. Okay so the valve arrived today, was fitted and car running in twenty minutes. Heres the link as promised buddy
  6. EGR Valve arrived today. Fitted and running in twenty minutes. Jobs a good 'un.
  7. As soon as shes running again Ill be back on to let you know mate.
  8. EGR is stuck open, so Ive ordered a new one off eBay for £119.99 with free recorded postage. Not bad
  9. Lol well Ive shouted at her this morning as she cut out after id backed off the shes fallen out with me as she turns over, fires and then dies. lol oh and thanks I have new wheels on her now will upload some pics soon
  10. Update, the valve woke up and started working so up until this morning was running like a dream. Unfortunately shes firing but dying straight away so I hope its the valve stuck open or something. Im gonna order a blanking plate and see how that goes, Ive ordered a code reader too. I though keeping it as cheap and easy as possible to start with is the best option. Hope its not the injectors!!!!
  11. Its a euro 4, and this morning shes firing but dieing straight away. Damn those cars are heavy to push!! Im hoping the EGR is stuck open or something because if this is injectors then Im afraid I may have to wield the old axe............
  12. Im thinking if its the fuel pump then it wouldnt start at all? Thats from my experiences with the sodding things anyway......had to replace one a few weeks back in my old car
  13. Well my last car was called Polly, think Im gonna name my new one Margaret
  14. Ive had it on diagnostic so I know its the EGR. However since my last post performance has picked up shes running smoothly and Im happy. Went and got it plugged in again today at my mates garage and he reset the engine management light for me. All is well for now lol thanks everyone for your suggestions
  15. ..........Hey guys, anyone know the cheapest place to get one of these horrible things? Ford are asking for in excess of £215, Ive seen one on eBasy for £119. Any ideas? Cheers