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  1. Hi all, Was Playing With Photoshop The other day Trying to see what colour options would be good for my car wheels. is the original wheels with added photshoped calipers and front widow tint is with machine metal wheels with tinted lights is with gloss black wheels and tinted lights what do you think looks best, think im leaning towards the gloss black
  2. My fords to date: mk5 cortina 1.6l mk1 focus 1.8 zetec mk2 focus 2.0 Tdci zetec cclimate mk 4.5 mondeo titanium x sport not had many ... would say my favovite is probably my mondeo other cars ive owned: Fiat 126 Datson cherry Ha van Peugeot 205 gti Renault 19 16v probably favourite non ford was the 205 gti
  3. I knew that 19's were gonna be expensive when I got the car so its no biggy. quite tempted with the idea for 17's for winter thou... will look into it cheers for all the advice chaps
  4. cheers Bof, some great info there.. quite like the sound of the Goodyear and the Continentals, not keen on budgets so will see whats available down my local before i decide . Stooge: Am liking the look with the 19's so i wont be chopping them for 17's anytime soon thats for sure, thou as you rightly said its gonna cost a small fortune to fully boot it. cheers guys
  5. hi bof yes tyres for a titanium x sport ... think they're 235 40 19 96w basically after a good all rounder, will use all year round and dont mind the noise as the stereo's normally up loud !!
  6. From the album delanksters mondeo

  7. Hi guys , just recently traded me old focus in for a Mondeo Titanium x sport me new car will be needing some new boots sooner than later so i thought id ask you all what tyres you use and would you recommend them. cheers guys
  8. cool did you get the steering wheel adaptor lead aswell ?
  9. the plan is something similar. Will be fitting the stereo normally tomorow, then once im back to work next week will start the butchering of the 6000 cd. im hopping that with the removable face plate of the jvc i wont have to be so drastic cutting the old head unit apart.
  10. hi chaps, just an update on my progress. me new Focus turned up sat :D along with a jvc kw-av60bt along with a fitting kit and facia adapter the same as Brigante's, decided against the full facia in the end as i will be attemping a dummy face plate aswell ;) Planning on fitting it all tomorow once ive recovered from all the xmas spirit i've had!! will post up some pics once im done
  11. Thanks for all the replies chaps, Just to clear up a few things, not really that bothered about sat nav i have it on my phone and rarely have to use it. Other than that i like the idea of dvd playback but tbh im not sure id use it much, would be nice to have never-the-less. Much more important would be to have a usb port on the back of the unit. Most of my music is now stored on a usb stick, since having over £1000 of cd's stolen it has made me tentative about leaving cd's in the car. The ability to take calls thru the unit would be nice too. Another thing i would like it to have is a detachable faceplate, but theres not many i have seen out there with this feature. Would also like the option of adding a reversing camera at some point, looks like a great add-on. I did like the look of the unit liam just got, but doubt i would go for an non-brand unit. i have primarily always had Kenwood stereo's in my cars, mainly down to liking the aesthetics of their units but also their great sound. quite like the idea of vinyl wrapping the facia, might have to go for that option. is it easy to do or would you leave it to a profesional ?? As for car security, well being on the recieving end a few times i primarily would like a removable faceplate but if not i will be looking into beefing up the Alarm.
  12. Righto chaps, Me new Car (Mk2 2.0 Tdci) turns up next week :D so first job is to upgrade the nasty looking ford 6000 cd stereo. Been looking around and quite fancy the look of a Sony XAV-63 Double Din 6.1" or maybe the JVC KW-AV60 Double Din anyone of you guys had dealing with any of these head units ? or could recomend a unit below my £300 budget ? i'd also like some advice on a new facia plate. After reading Brigante's guide on fitting an Aftermarket Stereo, most informative thanks mate, i had a look around the web and come across Autoleads DFP-07-17 Ford Focus Facia i like the idea of it having wider sides to the facia. that way it takes up the gap that the 6000cd leaves and makes the need of an additional adaptor to make the new unit marry up redundant. Just think the piture gives the impression that its of a low quality, slightly rippled in places and not worthy of putting in my new pride and joy ? Cheers in advance
  13. Hi stoney, will be sticking in a double din stereo as soon as i get the car. probably have a go at the brake light/ford badge mod first ... seems within my skillset quite fancy the bonnet struts and would also like to add a spoiler at some point probably before i get all the trim colour coded. cant wait
  14. hi all, just a quick post to say hello and well done for a great forum. I've owned Fords for a few years now, but somehow only recently found my way here. Currently looking to upgrade my Mk1 focus 1.8 zetec to a Mk2 focus 2.0 TDCi and have found some great guides and advice. looking forward to getting my new car and trying some of them out !!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Delankster :)